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Top Caterer in Moreno Valley

Let El Takoloko feed your imagination and delight your taste buds with our delicious Tacos, Mulitas, Quesadillas or our Famous Takoloko that will sure have your guests satisfied. For birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or other celebrations, my attention to detail and insistence on quality ingredients will provide you with a culinary experience you won't forget. I'm currently based in Moreno Valley, and my commitment to professionalism means that whether you’re feeding five or 500 guests, you won't be disappointed. For more information or to discuss menu options, get in touch on +13235060680.

Top quality ingredients

Great taste is everything – which is why I use only the finest, freshest ingredients. I also source seasonal, local produce whenever possible, because food tastes better when it doesn’t have to travel long distances. I won’t ever compromise on quality, delivering a unique and first-class dining experience each and every time. Get in touch if you want to take your event over the top.

Service with a Smile

Not only does the food taste fantastic, but the service is nothing but the highest level. Friendly, attentive, professional – each time and every time. Why would you want to chance it with someone else? You'll always find excellent service to complement to the delicious food on offer.


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